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Courses & Workshops

Do you want to expand your knowledge in the area of anaerobic wastewater treatment, anaerobic digestion, resource recovery and reuse or New Sanitation options? LeAF organizes tailor made courses and workshops on all these subjects. Also aspects related to sanitation in developing countries are possible course topics.

On request we prepare a workshop or course, taking into account your specific needs and wishes with respect to the topics and the duration. Excursions can be included as part of the programme. Courses and workshops can be organised as a single event, but of course they can also be integrated in larger projects. In principle all our courses are given by LeAF personnel, but instructors of allied organizations such as Wageningen or Delft University may also be involved.

Our people are also willing to act as guest lecturers for symposia and courses organized by others.

Examples of course topics

  • Principles of anaerobic wastewater treatment
  • "Crash course" anaerobic design
  • Microbial and biochemical aspects of digestion
  • Design and modelling of anaerobic digestion
  • Basics technologies in urban environment management: water, waste, energy
  • Current issues in wastewater treatment
  • Circular urban metabolism: closing water, energy and material cycles in urban context
  • Sanitation (water and waste) systems for countries in development, including reuse aspects
  • Sanitation system choice including stakeholders
  • New sanitation
  • Urban Sanitation and Introduction to Wastewater Treatment
  • Managing Wastewater in the City of the Future
  • Reuse of wastewater in agriculture