Laboratory services LeAF

Laboratory services

LeAF offers laboratory services for a wide variety of tests related to biological treatment of wastewater, manure and biomass, biodegradability of (waste) streams, production of energy and other useful resources from biomass and related (waste) streams, and nutrient recovery from these (treated) streams.

Examples of tests are:

  • biogas production tests from solid wastes, manure and wastewater (BMP tests)
  • biodegradability tests for industrial and domestic wastewater under anaerobic and/or aerobic conditions
  • activity tests
  • toxicity tests
  • determination of the hydrolysis rate
  • stability of digestate
  • long-term continuous (anaerobic) tests with organic waste and wastewater
  • struvite formation tests

No test is alike and there are many factors that should be taken into account when considering a possible test. That is why we like to think along with the client to come up with the best (tailor made) laboratory set-up to obtain high quality results for a reliable answer to the posed questions.

LeAF is not a routine analytical laboratory, but of course we are happy to perform chemical analyses for you when these are complementary to a test, or when they are needed to take decisions on tests.

LeAF has her own laboratory facilities in the Axis-Z building of Wageningen University & Research centre (WUR). Besides our own working space we have access to the facilities of sub-department of Environmental technology (ETE) of WUR.

Please contact us for more information about the possibilities regarding your specific case or interests.