Lettinga Award

The Lettinga Award was initiated in 2001 by three Dutch environmental technology suppliers to stimulate the development and implementation of anaerobic treatment technology worldwide.

Anaerobic technology is nowadays, considered a mature technology, both for the treatment of wastewater and slurries or solid residues. However, its potential is not yet fully explored and differs strongly between the various countries. Innovations in anaerobic technology are required to unveil new application areas, explore new substrates and new products related to anaerobic digestion technologies. In addition to the traditionally targeted waste(waters) and slurries, anaerobic processes - or wild dark fermentation processes - may play a crucial role in the envisaged Bio-based Economy. Breakthroughs in science and technology related to hydrolysis, fermentative routes and/or accelerated methanogenesis, may open complete new perspectives for anaerobic digestion processes.

The Lettinga Award will be adjudged to a project, not an individual person, nor an institute. Apart from projects aiming at technological innovations, also activities that are focussed on awareness, implementation, knowledge transfer and demonstration of sustainable environmental biotechnologies are eligible.

The Lettinga Award is organised each year an IWA AD congress is held (every two to three years). The prize winner will be announced during the AD congress and at the same time the results of the previous winner are shared.

Each time a set of Dutch and Flemish companies is willing to financially support the Lettinga Award. The Lettinga Award is organised by the Lettinga Foundation. As the Lettinga Foundation has no personnel, LeAF is involved to make this possible.