Call to participate in the Wageningen Campus Student Expedition

Published on
January 29, 2024

Last December, the first edition of the Wageningen Campus Student Expedition took place. As this expedition was a success for both students and campus organisations, we are organising a second edition on 23 and 24 April 2024.

Each participating organisation offers, for example, a guided tour or a presentation within the limited time of one hour to introduce the students to the organisation’s mission and daily operations. The organisation is given the opportunity to meet the next generation of professionals, while (the) students are given the opportunity to understand how their own skills and aspirations might align with the goals of these organisations. An important theme in many of the sessions was therefore the focus on career, thesis and internship opportunities.

If your organisation is interested in participating, you can send us an email. We have a limited number of time slots available.

A presentation given by one of the campus' organisations

Testimonial Wageningen Campus Student Expedition 2023

The Wageningen Campus Student Expedition for me was greatly useful in terms of becoming familiar with companies and meeting nice people that can guide you regarding your professional career. From this experience I got important information concerning the companies that I visited by getting acquainted with their projects and by asking the people who work there about their work tasks and experiences. The variety of choices of organisations that participated in this event broadened my horizons in terms of being informed about many types of organisations in many fields. In a way it also helped me to realise what I would like to do after my studies or during an internship and of course what I would not like.

In fact, this experience helped me to get the opportunity to take interviews with two of the participating companies for an internship and I found an internship at Farmtree, thanks to the Wageningen Campus Student Expedition. Normally the process of searching for an internship can be difficult and frustrating, therefore this event played a major role in dealing with this for me.

In addition, this event could also be helpful for people who are searching for part time jobs since they could get direct information about upcoming opportunities. For these reasons I would definitely recommend the campus student expedition to everyone and encourage them not to miss this excellent opportunity to connect with organisations.

Daimonakos, Vasileios