Towards efficient nutrient recycling and sustainable food production

LeAF, Plant Research International (lead partner) and the newly established Arsi University in Ethiopia, together have successfully organized two blocks of “Training of Trainers” for staff from agricultural universities in Ethiopia.

The training addressed the topic of agricultural reuse of fertilizer products made from household residues (wastewater and organic waste) with the aim of closing nutrient cycles, improving soil properties and increasing crop productivity. This Nuffic funded training was tailor-made for addressing the local situation and needs of the participating universities staff. Moreover, the training served as a platform for inspiring discussions and as a starting point for establishing new knowledge networks.

LeAF contributed to modules on wastewater treatment and hygienic aspects related to the human excreta based fertilizers. Guest lecturers included staff from Stockholm Environment Institute and local experts with ample experience on different waste reuse initiatives in Ethiopia.

In March 2015 trained trainers from Arsi University gave a training to stakeholders from Assela and Adama.  

For more information about the project you can contact Darja Kragic Kok.