LeAF voor overheden en NGO's afvalwaterzuivering

Public sector & NGO’s

LeAF serves the public sector and NGO’s in the field of sustainable water, new sanitation, sanitation and waste(water) treatment in developing countries, nutrient recovery, biogas technologies, biomass conversion and innovative wastewater technology & management.

Our services include literature studies, feasibility studies, (other) desk research, laboratory research, and expert advice in technology development via pilot and demonstration projects.

On this page some examples of our past projects are given. These examples are meant to give an idea of our activities but the list is not exhaustive. Contact us for more information about the possibilities for your specific situation.

Examples project management

  • Environmental capacity building project between universities in the Netherlands and Western Balkans
  • Working on clean water for La Libertad, Nicaragua

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Examples courses & workshops

  • Course on principles of anaerobic wastewater treatment
  • Workshop on the design and modelling of biomass digestion
  • Course on anaerobic wastewater treatment in Peru
  • Short training on the design of UASB reactors in Morocco

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Examples laboratory services

  • BMP test with waste activated sludge & manure
  • BMP test including the determination of the hydrolysis constant of pre-treated and untreated activated sludge
  • Lab studies on the effect of thermal treatment on anaerobic digestability
  • Determination of short and long term BOD concentration and degradation rate of solid matter sieved from sewage
  • TORWASH - (An)aerobic treatment of process water
  • Determination of biogas production from sewer deposits
  • Sorption and oxidation of selected pharmaceutical compounds from collected human urine

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Examples advice & desk research

  • Market consultation on the technologies for sludge digestion and the improvement of the digestibility
  • Desk research innovative technologies for nitrogen recovery
  • Desk research recovery of nitrogen and phosphorus from urine
  • Study on the concrete possibilities for sustainable sanitation in rural area Armhoede, municipality Lochem
  • Technology study for roadmap decentralized wastewater treatment in 2030
  • Pre-study on the technical and economic feasibility of sustainable sanitation for an ecological residential area
  • Preliminary design decentralized sanitation in a hotel
  • Elimination of pharmaceuticals residues in hospital wastewater: desk study, research plan & evaluation of the demonstration plant
  • SOURCE – scientific back-up of project group/reporting
  • Exploring synergy manure and sewage treatment
  • Desk research on the risk of pathogen transmission from manure to biogas
  • Best practices for treatment of industrial effluents
  • Feasibility study on the new decentralised sanitation system at boarding school for athletes in the Ukraine
  • Improving the sanitation facilities for the poor households in Adama, Ethiopia
  • Introducing improved sanitation systems for Sincobile High School, Mpumalanga, South Africa
  • Developing Mobile Sanitation Units for the informal settlements in Capetown, South Africa
  • Vital and viable services for natural resource management in Latin America (FP7-Coordination and Support Action)
  • Pre-design of UASB for sewage treatment
  • Orbit 2008, organization international conference

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