LeAF voor industrie├źn en bedrijven

Industries and companies

LeAF serves industries and companies who are active in the fields of sustainable water, biogas technologies, biomass conversion, nutrient recovery, biobased technologies and innovative wastewater technology & management.

Our services include literature studies including patents, (other) desk research, laboratory research, product testing, bioreactor research, expert advice in technology development via pilot and demonstration projects.

On this page some examples of our past projects are given. These examples are meant to give an idea of our activities but the list is not exhaustive. Contact us for more information about the possibilities for your specific situation.

Examples courses & workshops

  • Training on modelling of anaerobic digestion processes
  • Tailor-made course on digestion focussing on microbial aspects and substrate characteristics

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Examples laboratory services

  • BMP tests of several industrial waste fractions & manure
  • Assessment of maximum biogas production of pretreated substrates
  • Laboratory CSTR test on methane production from industrial food residues
  • Anaerobic biodegradability tests with wastewater from the food industry
  • Aerobic biodegradability tests with specific components used in the industry
  • Investigation of the applicability of industrial wastewater as C-source for denitrification
  • Testing the effect of an industrial cleaning product on nitrifying bacteria in activated sludge
  • Nitrifying and denitrifying capacity of activated sludge from chemical industry at different temperatures
  • Characterization of sludge from a UASB treating paper mill wastewater
  • Development nutrient solution for anaerobic conversion of perchloroethylene in ground water
  • Research on the degradation of BTEX and MTBE in groundwater

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Examples advice & desk research

  • Testing and optimisation of improved on-board wastewater treatment
  • Literature study on the possible products formed by algae
  • Literature study on the presence and removal of undesired organic contaminants in biogas
  • Treatment of dairy wastewater and nutrient recovery
  • Conceptual predesign of pilot and full-scale EGSB / UASB
  • First considerations for the design of a digester for an office building
  • Review for UASB design for food processing wastewater in Peru
  • Expert advice on a new fixed bed bioreactor
  • Dimensioning of a new biorotor system
  • Start-up of mesophilic and thermophilic manure digesters
  • Modelling of H2S stripping from biogas
  • Model simulation study of ammonia stripping process
  • Feasibility of anaerobic treatment of compost leachate in Bangladesh
  • Advice on water treatment and off-flavour in aquaculture of fish
  • Advice on the collection and treatment of source separated urine in buildings
  • Inventory innovative sanitation concepts
  • Market study of anaerobic treatment of municipal wastewater in Brazil
  • Market study on co-digestion of manure and organic waste
  • Scenarios for anaerobic digestion of pig manure

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