2nd EELRIC workshop in Dubrovnik

The international EELRIC consortium has met for the 2nd EELRIC workshop on October 20 in Dubrovnik (Croatia).

Organised by EELRIC

Fri 20 October 2017

Partners all presented their, mostly national, running projects and fundings; research progress; the current collaborations among EELRIC partners and perspectives, and leads for EELRIC funding. Presentations are available in the members area. Specifically, partners were asked to provide information which is often not found in the published papers including broodstock holding conditions, oocyte characteristics, timing of ovulation and egg release, hatching times  and egg and larval rearing. By sharing this information and experiences among partners, research on the propagation of eel can take giant steps at a minimum input of effort!


EELRIC partners who attended the Dubrovnik workshop representing Wageningen University & Research (NL), Glasaal Volendam (NL), Polytechnic University of Valencia (ES), Szent Istvan University (HU), University of Bologna (IT), Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle (FR), Technical University of Denmark (DK), Thünen Institute of Fisheries Ecology (DE), Nihon University (JP) and the University of Otago (NZ).